General questions

There’s no need to book your event call. Once you’ve completed the request form, you'll receive all account and dial-in information within the hour (please note, one-hour approval is not available at weekends).

There is no time limit on calls - take as long as you need to get your message across.

Once your account is approved, you can set up numerous event calls using the same dial-in information or, if you prefer, you can request new dial-in numbers for each call.

All calls are completely secure and only those with the correct dial-in information and PIN can join a call. Dial-in details include two standard PIN codes – one for the chair and one for the participants. If necessary, you can generate a separate PIN code for each participant.


The cost on event call is dependent upon several factors, including; the number of participants, the number of participants calling from overseas, and how often you use the service. Fill in our request form for a no-obligation quotation.

Once your event call is over, we will send you an invoice detailing the number of participants, call durations and a breakdown of costs.

UK-based participants can cover the cost of an event call by dialling a cost-effective 0844 number. You won’t receive a separate invoice from us in this instance.

No, there are no fixed or recurring charges, you only pay costs when you use the service.

Overseas participants

Yes, participants from outside the UK can join an event call by dialling a local number in their home country before entering the participant PIN code.

Participants from all over the world can join your event call and we provide a local dial-in number for almost all countries. In the rare case that a participant is dialling in from a country where there is no local access number, they can connect using the US dial-in number.

Yes, our numbers are all local numbers and can be accessed using any service.

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